StarClash Roleplay (Squad) Storyline (Written by LatiasKat) Edit

At first, the roleplay was made out of a small group of people who liked FNAF. It then became bigger after time passed.

How it started:

Back then, my OC, Red (yes they were OC's at first), Had been involved in a place for work called the OC Factory. I know, sounds somewhat stupid, but it stayed alive for awhile. In the roleplay though, Cloudy had caused a incident and the place had shutdown, resulting in them staying stuck there for awhile. Until Red had managed to find PRETTY MUCH TWO AXES. And she busted them out with Jake, my friend, sltaylor's OC. The small group then split up for a bit. And in that time, some idiot named CHRISSYJH03 was banned. Why am I saying idiot? Because he's banned permanently now. But anyway, we had private roleplays together. Red had started learning magic and then came across more threats and enemies and ended up fighting them and their forces of darkness. Later on, my friend/second in command of the squad, modres6923 had joined in. Even tho I still roleplayed with Chrissy more, more characters were introduced. Later though, there was even more. My other friend, XxSHADOWMASTERxX120 had joined us in it, and he took control over Mike. It was after I started involving more people though. Mod had also been there and had introduced Cipher. More later on, more people had started joining, a ton of new characters were introduced, and the squad was formed. Chrissy had tried convincing me to ban PixeAngel123, the original squad leader and controller of Cloudy, everyone else agreed and decided I'd be a better leader for them since I'd actually stand up for something if I needed to. But, later on, figuring out Chrissy's ambitions that he was hiding behind his screen, he was banned instead, and Pixe was back in the squad.

Anyway. Other then that.

More magic got introduced and more enemies had gotten into it too. Same for more moves. But yea.

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